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Marantz 10 Series. The new Reference. Soon to be a Legend

Dynaudio Contour

Here at Altronics Stereo 2000 we are always finding new exciting products.

Cocktail Audio offers a simple, Easy to use one box solution for those who want to store music as well as stream from the internet. It is an amazing one unit solution.

Clearaudio has a new record cleaner called the ( DOUBLE MATRIX SONIC PROFESSIONAL) that any serious turntable audiophile must see to believe. Clearaudio has also introduced a new model turntable to their Innovation series, The ( Innovation Compact) with the class leading Panzerholz ( Bullet Proof Wood / Aluminum ) Sandwich Tri-Star construction found only in their Innovation Series.

We have also been using the all new Bryston cubed amplifiers with their all new ( Salomie ) input stage with Pmc's new 25th Anniversary series loudspeakers.

The new PMC 25 series is now available with the New ( Laminair ) vent technology which takes aerodynamic lessons from Formula One cars as well as the new ( G-Weave ) Mid/Bass driver and an all new tweeter waveguide.

Together the Bryston Cubed amplifiers and PMC 25 series Loudspeakers have exceeded our expectations. Come and see these new products or feel free to email or call us to set up these items for a demonstration.

Thanks for Looking at our website and we hope to see you soon.

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